30 April 2011


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice comment! I like your illustration style, very colorful! I'll follow you back!
Priscella Manon

Flara said...

Thank you for your flattering comment:), I also like your style and your blog, I look forward to your next drawings:)

Katie said...

I love how this is so boldly digitalized.

Flara said...

thank you again my dear:))This pic had to look completely different, and those colored dots came by accident... I'm happy you like it:)

Cara said...

The first drawing of the McQueen coat is stunning!!
xo Cara

Catherine Robinson said...

Your illustrations are excellent...you're very talented!
I'm a new follower...keep sketching!

Mary Grein said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Absolutely FANTASTIC!

Flara said...

Cara - thank you very, very much:)) xoxo
Catherine - Thanks:) I'm your new follower too:)
Mary Grein - thanks for your lovely words:)

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