31 August 2011

All good things

A few weeks ago my fellow fashion illustrator, the very talented Gaston John has been very nice and given me a Sunshine Award:) Thank you so much:) 
Now I have to answer these following questions:

1. Your favorite color? – Azure and pink
2. Your favorite animal? – Dog, especially Boo:)
3. Your favorite number? – 7 (sometimes 9)
4. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? – Coffee
5. You join facebook or twitter? – Definitely Facebook
6. What’s your passion? – Art, especially fashion illustration
7. What´s your favorite: getting or giving presents? – Both:)
8. Your favorite pattern? – Dot
9. Your favorite day of the week? – Def. Saturday:)
10. Your favorite flower? – Grape hyacinth. These flowers remind me of childhood.

PS. Above, I would like to share with you my latest graphics: a portrait of Natalia Vodianova. What do you think?
Much love:),


Anonymous said...

Magnifique! Love it!:)

Flara said...

thank you so much Gigi:) Glad you like it:) xx

Paula said...

Interesting..very nice as always:)

Neysa Bové said...

lovely! xxo -nb

Joanna Baker said...

Flara- this is beyond amazing! Each piece you do is even more beautiful than the last. This could be in a fashion illustration book! Keep up the awesome work =)


Juli Photo Diary said...

Your blog is amazing.. you are very talented!! I love it
Following now..


Katie said...

Beautiful illustration once again, Flara! I love your use of colors, and the splash of black. Congrats on your award! :)

Flaviana Boni said...


Dress up for armageddon

Anne said...

That is beautiful! I like the way it is partly sketchy, it is more interesting for the viewer that way.

Sabina said...

Congrats on the award, and this illustration is just beautiful! I love how you captured her elegant look but at the same time kept the piece from being a literal copy of whatever photo it was inspired by.

sfd said...

I love, love, love this illustration :)

Veronika (http://www.constantworkinprogress.com)

Sevilla, Gaston John said...

I love this one Flara how you mixed the traditional art and the digital as well. Perfectly done :)

Carly said...

I love it - I think you are becoming one of my favourite illustrators :)

Cara said...

Gorgeous colors, always amazed by your work!
xo cara

Wioletta Sz. said...

Podziwiam Twoją zdolność do swobodnego mieszania różnych technik. Twoje prace zawsze pokazują coś nowego, jeśli ktoś chce się nauczyć robić dobre ilustracje mody powinien podglądać twoje prace :)

No i ile się o tobie dowiedziałam z tego posta :)
Moim ulubionym kolorem ostatnio jest chabrowy, i poluję na jakiś ładny chabrowy sweterek na jesień, niestety nie mogę nic fajnego znaleźć.

Sunny said...

We have so many things in common!:D

i love dot! dots dots dots........

Beautiful illustration!
Have a nice day Flara!

Denise Pacurar said...

Wow this is beautiful!!

xoxo Denise


ChiccaStyle said...

WOW,that's amazing!!!Very talented!Thanks for sharing!

Mani said...

Amazing illustration! Congrats on the award, you definitely deserved it!


hugs and kisses by Mani.

Flara said...

- Paula, Neysa - thank you girls!:)
- Joanna - believe me my dear, that's my biggest dream!:) thx
- Juli - Following you back, thank you Juli, xx
- Katie - Thank you! And by the way, I love the new design of your blog! xx
- Flaviana - thanks a lot:)
- Anne - I like this kind of unfinished drawings, because I do not like the obviousness of the art. Thank you for your kind words Anne:) xx
- Sabina, Veronika, Gaston John - I love all your comments, thank you so much my dear, xx

Friederich Herman said...

Such a wonderful illustration!
I totally adore the expression and the retro feeling on it. (:


Flara said...

- Carly - aww ... You also are one of my favorite bloggers illustrators:) I am glad that we met:) regards, xx
- Cara - thank you so much Cara:) xx
- Wioletta - miło mi czytać takie cudowne komentarze, dzięki:) A chabrowe sweterki, o ile pamiętam, widziałam ostatnio w Zarze i w Reserved, udanych zakupów:)
- Sunny - yes, I think we have much in common:) my next picture will be all the dots. just working on it. I hope that soon I will see your new, wonderful illustrations! kisses, xx
- Denise, ChiccaStyle, Mani - thanks guys:) I'm so glad you like it!:) xx
- Fred - I am honored that you visit my blog, because I'm your huge fan:) Your drawings are simply unbelievable, posts are always thoughtful, and very timely fashion. I just love your blog, xx

Rodney said...

A well deserved award! You have a great series of sketches and illustrations here. Often in combination with very nice special (colour) effects, like here the black background as if dripping into the picture. Many remind me of Toulouse Lautrec, nice moods.

Flara said...

wow, nobody has compared my drawings to the art of Toulouse Lautrec:)) I am honored that you think so:) thank you so much Rodney:)) xx

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