22 September 2011

Hot or not: Ugly Betty Poncho

Welcome My Dear!:)
I know, I know, yesterday the Fashion Week in London ended so this post shall seem to you to be out of date…. However, instead of trends for summer I am more and more often wondering: what coat to buy for autumn? Among the photos from autumn and winter collections I found, among others, an original Chloé poncho which, at the first sight, made me think about the first creation of Betty Suarez from „Ugly Betty”. Say, isn’t it similar?:)
On the other hand, I am curious whether Zara and H&M will create any cheaper version of this wonder? And how I would look in something like this in the street? Ha-ha:)
Well, at least autumn is likely to be colourful…
All the best! x

Witajcie Kochani!:)
Wiem, wiem, wczoraj skończył się Tydzień Mody w Londynie, więc pewnie ten post wyda Wam się nie na czasie... jednak zamiast trendów na lato interesuje mnie teraz bardziej: jaki płaszcz kupić na jesień? Wśród zdjęć z pokazów jesienno-zimowych kolekcji znalazłam m.in. oryginalne poncho Chloé, które od razu skojarzyło mi się z pierwszą kreacją Betty Suarez z serialu „Ugly Betty”. Powiedzcie, że nie jest podobne?:)
Swoją drogą, ciekawe czy Zara i H&M stworzą jakąś tańszą wersję tego cuda? I jakbym w czymś takim wyglądała na ulicy? Haha:)
Cóż, przynajmniej zapowiada się kolorowa jesień…
Wszystkiego dobrego! buziaki
Chloé: via Style-com
Betty: via Amazon-com


Carly said...

The illustration is lovely! I love the way you draw faces :) They have a lot of character and personality!

Flara said...

Thank you Carly, I love drawing faces the most:) xx

Denise Pacurar said...

The illustration is so beautiful. I love how only one girl is colorful. You are an amazing artist!

xoxo Denise


Joanna Baker said...

Lovely illustration, Flara! Once again your style is all your own, so pretty =)


Ashley said...

Ahaha, it is remarkably similar to the Ugly Betty one. It's a bold piece, to be sure. I think it would be something you either wore every day or never at all, but no in between. Your sketch is gorgeous, by the way.

Liz Lizo said...

I am also praying someone remakes that chloe poncho, I am totally feeling ponchos and capes for the fall, such an elegant look. Thanks for posting.

Liz Lizo

Katie said...

Awesome illustration... Never mind wearing the technicolor dream coat, your painting it turned out quite nice.

.sabo skirt. said...

Colorful ponchos will always be noticed. Your illustration is amazing. We love it.

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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Anne said...

I love the way the colorful poncho stands out in otherwise sketchy black and white illustration. Excellent!<3

Gaston John said...

This will really be a trend this fall. Great illustration.

yuma said...

It's ugly with fashionable♥ Your illustration are of cause fashionabule=)


The PvdH Journal said...

Your blog is seriously cool. I love your illustrations and your fashion rambles. I am actually not a huge fan of the Chloe ponchos. Having said that, I have nothing against ponchos overall (just perhaps that they should be a tad bit discrete and not make you colour blind in the process!).

Your new follower and fellow illustrator (et al).


▒▓█► JOTA ENE said...

Fashion ...!

Sabina said...

Hah, you're so right about the similarity to Ugly Betty's poncho. Personally I'm kind of anti-poncho though. I think the best choice if you want outerwear that isn't too structured is to go for a swingy waist length coat or capelet.

Anyway moving on, your rendering of those three girls is gorgeous! It reminds me of 1970s era fashion art. Really nicely done.

Bambi Eyez said...

these drawings are beautiful! thanks for stoping by my blog and following :)

Zarna said...

loving the chloe poncho! AMAZING!

Flara said...

- Denise, Joanna - Thanks a lot!! You guys always make my day:) xx
- Ashley - haha, you're right:) thanks, xx
- Liz Lizo - Hi, thank you for stopping by Liz!:) If you find any poncho somewhere (maybe not in such bright colors), please let me know, xx

Cara said...

Love the colors in this poncho, and I am always blown away at your ability to draw such beautiful faces...you are such a talented artist, I always love seeing your work
xo Cara

Flara said...

- Katie - You're too sweet! Thanks!:) xx
- Sabo Skirt - I just checked your blog! It is simply amazing! I'm your fan:) Thanks for commenting :) xx
- Anne, Gaston, Yuma - thanks guys:) your comments always make me smile:)))) xoxo
- PVDH - aww, thank you so much:) new followers and fellow illustrators are always welcome here:) xoxo
- Jota - thanks!:))) xx
- Sabina - Thanks for your kind words:) I just checked out your last post... your illustrations are amazing! xx
- Bambi, Zarna - thanks a lot girls:))) xoxo
- Cara - Aww, thank you my dear:) I really appreciate your support :) xoxo

Margaret said...

piekne poncha ! dzieki Tobie calkowicie skradly moje serce <3

anna k.o. said...

Flara! You're an inspirational artist--this one in particular I am attracted to. I love mixed media traditional/digital combinations. I am always trying to draw more and more and friending fellow artists helps so much. I will follow you back, stay in touch!

Rodney said...

Your sketches are characterized by such beautiful and tasteful colour combinations! But that certainly mustn't distract from the fact that they are all based on really fantastic drawings!

Flara said...

- Margaret - Hej, dawno Cię nie widziałam:) Cieszę się, że zajrzałaś i że podobają Ci się poncha:)
- Anna k.o. - I love your illustrations. For sure we stay in touch:)
- Rodney - thank you! You always leave the sweetest comments:)

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