17 November 2011


Did you know that Kate Moss has a sister? Neither did I:)
Charlotte „Lottie” Moss is Kate's stepsister but they are strikingly similar. Curious enough, the beginning model is only 13 years old! In my opinion, she looks much older, by at least 5-10 years.
Lottie was noticed… during Kate's wedding. Now she is after her first photo session to portfolio by Andrea Carter-Bowman and is the beginner in Storm Model Management, the models agency which promoted 14-year old Kate some time ago. As it seems, the next big career is on the way…
Wiedzieliście, że Kate Moss ma siostrę? Ja też nie:)
Charlotte „Lottie” Moss jest przyrodnią siostrą Kate, ale podobieństwo jest uderzające. Co ciekawe, początkująca modelka ma dopiero 13 lat! Według mnie wygląda dużo poważniej, co najmniej o jakieś 5-10 lat.
Lottie została zauważona… na weselu Kate. Dziś ma za sobą pierwszą sesję zdjęciową do portfolio autorstwa Andrei Carter-Bowman i stawia pierwsze kroki w Storm Model Management, agencji modelek, która niegdyś wypromowała 14-letnią Kate. Jak widać, zapowiada się kolejna wielka kariera…


Sandra van Doorn said...

no i did not know.. she is very beautiful: Obvisoulsy it runs in the family!!

Flara said...

hahaha, yep, it's true:)

Miss Ribeiro said...

Your drawing is beautiful, and so is she.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Lottie but, anyway ...this drawing is just stunning!

Gaston John said...

She looks stunning and beautiful. She will hit the market big. Another star in the making. Great illustration too Flara. :)


akiko said...

I saw her on Kate's wedding photos too! She has romantic, amazing figure like her sis kate. This is my first time to see her photo (besides wedding). Thank you for sharing! -akiko


akiko said...

Oh, Is it your illustration?? So gorgeous! Love it :) -akiko




Denise Pacurar said...

I had no idea she had a sister!!! Her sister is beautiful too!

OMG this is such a great illustration! Do you sell your art on canvas by any chance??

xoxo Denise


Joana Sá said...

Hi dear
Thanks for your comment
Love your drawings!! Did you have a behance acount? I think you souhld create a page there to show your drawings!! They are fabulous
You can se my page here:

Kiss kiss.*Jo

CR said...

Never knew about her eathier! ANd she looks older on the editorial pictures.. omg!!!
I guess she´s going on with the family legacy of supermodeling. Who better for the next Kate Moss than her own sister!!??


yuma said...

i love her♥i hope she debut soon!
even so your drawing is amazing!!!!


Cara said...

Wow I didn't know that...she is gorgeous! And your drawing of her is just stunning...you are so inspiring
Happy Weekend!
xo Cara

Ashley said...

She is stunning! I agree, looking at the image you used to make your lovely sketch, she appears much older

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

Rich Girls. said...

she's so pretty, isn't she?
your drawing is so gorgeous. i especially love the facial features.
i think i may just have to get drawing a little tomorrow. i really miss it! x.

Madeleine Roberts said...

I had no idea Kate Moss had a sister (stepsister.) Well her little sis is gorgeous.
Amazing sketch.

Aya Smith said...

She is utterly gorgeous!!! I actually think she's prettier than Kate...

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Katie said...

This is my favorite of your work thus far, Flara. The patterns in the background and the overall crinkle effect is top notch.

Alicia Violetta said...

All your drawings are amazing!
I didn't now that she have a sister! :D

<3 Alicia

sfd said...

Amazing, I never knew about her, I've drawn Kate so many times but I think I need to draw her sister next, she's so pretty :)

Veronika (http://www.constantworkinprogress.com)

Style Servings said...

You really are so talented!!! Absolutely stunning drawing!


crazy pig said...

perfect illustration! I like the way you combine the classic and the digital media .)

/+ thanks so much <3

Johanna Urban said...

Very pretty and beautiful!!!

Johanna, Sweden

lidia puspita dulam said...

beautiful ♥♥♥

Sunny said...

lovely illustration flara!

i like the combination of patterns and lines~

Estrella said...

Love the patterns and the hair of the girl of your illustration!! :P

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