17 August 2012

Fall/winter 2012: pajamas


tomoto said...

Cool and lovely style! Love your colors!

Cara said...

Thank you for coming by, as always visiting your site is so inspiring!!
xo Cara

Mayyka said...

wow to jest przecudowne

christian said...

love this drawing!



anto said...

Hi, I'm so happy that you found my blog. Your illustrations are lovely!

Maria Magdalena said...

cudaczne, no po prostu cudaczne!!! świetne masz ilustracje, uwielbiam Cię :)

Ceciliette said...

A trend that looks cool oonthe runway, but on the streets.. oh no thnks!!! Anyway, great artwork ;)

Ashley said...

How on earth did I miss this post! It's stunning! I like the second one on the patterned background. Some might call it busy, but I think it all works really well together.

Gaston John said...

Love the patterns.

littlestar cindy said...

hi Flara :D :D
i love your pattern design
it's very beautiful artwork :)
I always love your style!

Wioletta Sz. said...

Chciałabym być tak ładna jak twoje modelki z obrazków :)

icek said...

mega.jestem tu 1 raz i na 100% nie ostatni !

pozdrawiam! wpadnij na fusy w wolnym czasie :)

Estrella said...

Cute motivs for the patterns! Are they really pijamas? I would definitely dress them for going out as well!! :P

Kia Sue said...

love them!!

Sandra van Doorn said...

I love this! Nice patterns it would make some beautiful fabrics.

anto said...

Great illustration! I absolutely adore runway illustrations ♥
The patterns are so cool.

Carly said...

These are gorgeous! I keep seeing your work on Tumblr too - you are so talented!

Me salen alas said...

Guau!! I love your work. ;D
Kisses from Madrid!!

Sunny said...

beautiful as always flara !<3
that hair style+make up+patterns=perfect combination
p.s.i wanted to illustrate this collection too, then i stared at the complicated patterns and drew something else instead.<--oh lazy me.>_<

Johanna Urban said...

Lovley! A great work!

hehe Yes it is me ;) Thank you very much :) Hope you are having a good day!

Hugs and kisses
Johanna, Sweden

joanna roars said...

Wowwwww masz genialne prace, co za talent :) Tez nie znalam wczesniej Twojego bloga! Oczywiscie obserwuje! Akurat nastepny post mialam robic o 'pizamach na wybiegu' ;) pozdrowienia!

Ania Aneta said...

Lovelyy !A great work <3

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