05 June 2011

Model of the day: Frida Gustavsson


Anonymous said...

Lovely drawing, it's great how you accentuated the eyes!

le sorelle said...

This is amazing! I love what you've done with the eyelashes. And the Vogue cover below is just spectacular!

sorelle in style

Laura said...

This is really beautiful! I love the focus on the eyes, and the soft lines! :)
- Laura

Katie said...

This is so awesome! So, so awesome! I love the eyelash sparklers, very creative!

Linda said...

answer: thank you once again :) have a nice evening! :) hugs


Cara said...

Amazing!! Love the colors on they eyelashes...you are so talented :)
xo Cara

Flara said...

The Cherry On Top - Thank you very much my dear:) I send you a message on your blog, check it out:) xx
Le Sorelle - thank you so much:) btw - Happy B-Day to you!!! xx
Laura - Hi, welcome to my blog and thx for your lovely comment:) xoxo

My Affair said...

You are so talented! Love all of your illustrations!

Gorgeous Clara said...

thanks a lot!

this illustration is soooooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your comment :) These blogs are all amazing!

Lee Oliveira said...

Beautiful sketch..
lee x

Lucyana Mendes said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment!

Following you from Portugal*


Katie said...

Hi Flara, I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/jomUwa

Joy said...

Hi Flara,
Had a look at your fab blog, via Katie (Illustrated by Katie). I love this awesome sketch!
Joy x

Tinneke said...

Flara I loooove this! you are so talented! If you send your illustrations to a fashion magazine, they will totally buy them sweety :D

Anya adores said...

LOVE the eyes Flara - awesome :O) A xxx

Sunny said...

Love it! and the new header!<3 stunning!

TeRi said...

lovely drawing!
just wanted to say thanks for visiting my site! :D

Lynn said...

I have awarded you a lovely blog award ;). Please check my blog for details.


Carmen Vogue

Lana said...

Роскошная зеленоглазая Frida!
Действительно очень здорово, впечатление яркое и нежное одновременно)

С наилучшими пожеланиями Lana =)

Johanna Urban said...

I absolutley love your blog! Great illustration! Will follow you!

Thank you for your comment, it was a while ago, but havn't been blogging for weeks.

wish you a wonderful weekend, and feel free to stop by again :)

johanna, sweden

Flara said...

Katie - I am very glad that you like it:)) thank you for all the wonderful comments:) xoxoxo
Linda - thx a lot, hugs:))
Cara - my dear you know I love your blog too:)) xoxo
My Affair - when I read such compliments I start drawing again:) thank you:)
Gorgeous Clara and Cherry On Top - you're welcome guys:)

Ashley said...

Absolutely stunning! This was a great choice for your blog banner. I'm curious about your mediums...ink? digital?

Joanna Baker said...

So pretty! I love the use of color. I'm definitely a follower now! =)

Flara said...

- Lee - thanks a lot:))
- Lucyana - I love Portugal, I was there years ago:) Following you from Poland:)
- Katie - wow, thank you very much, it is an honor for me:) xoxo
- Joy - welcome to my blog, I certainly will visit your blog soon. Thank you for the wonderful comment:) xoxo
- Tinneke - I hope you're right, because that is my biggest dream in life! Thank you my dear for your motivating words:)))
- Anya, Sunny, TeRi - Thank you all so much:)I'm happy that you like my drawing:)
- Lynn – yey, thank you!!!Really is an honor for me:) xo
- Lana - наилучшими пожеланиями Flara:)
- Johanna - It's OK. I'm busy too, and very often I answer after a few days or even weeks...:) I love your blog, your drawings are awesome:) hope that we will be in touch:)
- Ashley - Both:) It's freehand drawing combined with Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm glad you like the banner:) Thanks for lovely compliment:)
- Joanna – I’m your new follower too:) thanks!! xo

lula said...

These are stunning! so lovely blog <3

Flara said...

Thank you so much Lula:))

Evelyn said...

Beautiful and glamorous!

Flara said...

aww.. thank you Evelyn:)

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