27 June 2011

Model of the day: Magdalena Frąckowiak


Calla said...

Oh wow I am so in love with your style! I also love using bright colors contrasted with black and white. This is amazing!

Flara said...

Thanks a lot Calla:)) xoxo

Katie said...

This is awesome! I love the layered splashes of pink. Also, the way you deliberately painted outside the lines gives this a great sense of freedom and Fun! Awesome!

Sunny said...

beautiful!i adore both versions! there's so much life in the brush strokes!love it!

Rich Girls. said...

you did these? oh my gosh, wow.
the colours in the first one are absolutely amazing.
she is one stunning model. x.

Flara said...

- Katie - aww, thank you hun:)
- Sunny - I'm really glad that you like both version:) thanks my dear:)
- Rich Girls - yep, I did it:) thank you so much for the wonderful comment:))

Tinneke said...

Ow my, your technique is so unique and wonderful! Can't get enough of it. Great job girl, so talented! ... and those colors...sigh

Rich Girls. said...

nawh, thanks so much for your comment and for following!
you're a sweetheart!
your work is beautiful. x.

Aldina said...

Magic! What more is there to say.

Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

Mallory In New York said...

Gorgeous! I love your focus on models rather than actresses or designers- its soo refreshing!

Also, thanks for checking out my blog! I'm following now, and I'd love if you could follow back!


M.A. said...

wow i love your drawings i wish u could make one of me and my "blog colleague" !!
yours is an incredible talent!
well done
Follow each other?


Flara said...

- Tinneke – Thanks for the kind words! I am also a big fan of your work! xx
- Rich Girls, Aldina – Thanks a lot girls:) xx
- Mallory – All my pleasure that I can follow you back:) xoxo
- M.A. – Hi girls, your blog is really amazing, so I'm following now:) And btw - no problem, I can draw you:) xoxo

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