07 August 2011

From Bulgaria with love

Hello Darlings,
I came back this morning:) Visiting Bulgarian Golden Sands were really amazing:) Now I have a lot of new ideas on the blog and I can not wait for their realization:) 
Lots of Love


sfd said...

Those photos look so inviting, I bet you've had a really good time :)
Looking forward to seeing the new work :)

Veronika (http://www.constantworkinprogress.com)

Sabina said...

Beautiful photos! Makes me want to jump in. Hope you're having a great time.

Ask Erena said...

Cool pictures! Love that jewelry!
Ask Erena

Joanna Baker said...

Gorgeous photos, Flara! The color is amazing... I can't wait to see your inspired drawings =)


Flara said...

- Veronika, Sabina, Erena and Joanna - thanks to you girls for the wonderful, invaluable support:) You are wonderful:) Holiday in Golden Sands resort was actually very good, the weather was nice all the time, and the party atmosphere of the area gave to everyone.
I recommend Bulgaria everyone who likes loud music, sun and beautiful views:)
I will put new drawings soon:)
Much love:)))

Dana Paramita said...

oh i really love all of photos <3 amazing!
follow each other sweety? ;)

le sorelle said...

What beautiful photos! Of course your photos would be as creative and beautiful as your drawings! You have a very artistic eye! :)

sorelle in style

Cara said...

Such amazing photos, it looks absolutely beautiful!
xo Cara

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and colorful post! Smells summer:)

Flara said...

- Dana - thx:) yes, let's follow each other:) xx
- Le Sorelle, Cara, Gigi - I am very glad that you liked the photos:) all the best for you girls:) xx

Rich Girls. said...

absolutely gorgeous!
and in reference to your comment on my blog: i really loved the pink dip-dyed hair trend too, but it seems that blue's taking over and i don't mind either! kate bosworth looks incredible as always! x.

Flara said...

- thanks a lot!!:) I agree with you completely:) xx

Katie said...

Looks fun and awesomely sunny :)

Flara said...

It was really fun and sunny holidays:) Thank you Katie:) xx

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