09 August 2011

Inspiration from... the airport

Hi Friends,
How was your day? Mine was bad, so the whole evening I drew to improve mood. I hope your day has passed better:)
Today's drawings and prints are inspired by things from the airport: June Italian Elle magazine (especially the photo session "California Doll" made by Kayt Jones) and some perfumes, which I liked in the duty-free shop.
Well, the inspiration can be everywhere:)
Happy Tuesday to everyone:)


heatherheartsfashion said...

friggen COOL

Joanna Baker said...

love your illustrations, flara! so much fun =) hopefully tomorrow treats you better. have a good rest of your week!

Sabina said...

Sorry to hear about your crummy day. This illustration is gorgeous especially in bright red. I like the girl's features and expression, and the different textures you captured here.

Bree said...

I am so sorry that you had a bad day! Ahh, Mondays! I am in love with your illustrations! Can I feature you on my blog? Leave me a comment on mine if I can ;)

want to follow each other?


sfd said...

I love the colours in the first one, it makes the illustration truly come alive :)

Veronika (http://www.constantworkinprogress.com)


very beautiful!!!!

le sorelle said...

Aw hope today is better! These drawings are so lovely! :)

sorelle in style

Anonymous said...

aw at least you got to be awesomely creative!

XO Sahra

Neysa Bové said...

thanks for dropping by! Yes I use a drawing tablet, and I use both illustrator and photoshop, sometimes some hand drawing and scan it in :) xxo -nb

Ashley said...

The second one is my favorite, to be sure! Oh, you are so talented!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaah Flara, i definitly love your style. Your drawings are so colorful and joyful, it's a true pleasure to see them :)

Dana Paramita said...

thanks for commenting sweety girl! yaaa i draw it by my self :D but you are more talented than me sweety you can see your pict more 'wow' than mine and i like it ;)

Flara said...

- heatherheartsfashion, Joanna, Sabina - Thank you all very much, your sweet comments make me want to keep drawing :)
- Joanna - thank you my dear, indeed the next day I felt better already:)) xoxo
- Bree - Hi:) Welcome to my blog and thx for stoping by:) Yes, of course, you can feature me on your blog. This will be a great pleasure for me:) xoxo
- Veronika, Zhenya, Le Sorelle, Sahra - big, big thanks to you girls:) xx
- Neysa - you're welcome, your illustrations are breathtaking. I would like so well as you use a tablet:) xoxo
- Ashley, Gigi - really am glad that you like:) thx!!! xoxoxo
- Dana - you're welcome:) and many thanks for your lovely comment:)xx

Lynn said...

Sorry to hear your day was bad, hope all is well now. I LOVE these pictures especially the first. Great job!



B.Inspired said...

Sorry to hear about a bad day! Love these pictures and nothing beats a duty free shop at the Airport! The pictures from Bulgaria look absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Flara said...

- Lynn, B.Inspired - it was just a temporary bad mood because of Monday:)thank you for your warm words girls! xoxoxo

Madeleine Roberts said...

Your illustrations are amazing. I love all the color. I love the last two but then again I love anything that references the color pink:)
You are very talented. And your blog is extremely inspirational.

Cara said...

You always blow me away, these illustrations are beyond stunning!!! Love love love
xo Cara

Flara said...

- Madeleine - welcome to Flara's Fable my dear:)) Thank you for your very flattering comment. When I read these words, I feel that it is worth drawing:))
- Cara - Thank you sweetie:))) glad you like it:)) xx

Joy said...

Flara, I hope you're feeling better. Still, your creations are stunning! Sign of a great artist :)
Joy xx

Aldina said...

I can just look at your illustrations for hours. Best blog!!

Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

Carly said...

You are so talented! I love everything about your illustrations!


Katie said...

The texture in this is phenomenal!

Flara said...

- Joy - Yes, thanks:) now is ok:) Thank you for caring my dear:) xx
- Aldina - wow, what an amazing compliment! thank you so much:) xx
- Carly - I also love your illustrations. thanks for all your wonderful comments:) xx
- Katie - thank you very much sweetie:) xx

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